Pet Loss

Losing a pet is the same as losing a member of your family, so why doesn’t everyone understand?

If you have never had a pet, you would not know the special relationship that happens between a pet parent and their  animal. For those of us who have pets an has been  through the painful process of losing a pet understands  the profound grief one feels.  I have  often heard from friends that losing a pet was the most painful loss.

The relationship formed is one of dependency on both the animal and the pet parent. There is an unconditional love  that is different from other relationships. It is also considered a  complicated  the loss  because of the misunderstanding what are animals do for us. Our animal companions often fill the void when there is no other family contact, they give us a reason to get up in the morning because they need to be fed and taken care of, they provide us with the sense of touch of another living animal, and they are always happy to see us.  When we lose our animal companion whether from being unable to care for them, old age, sickness or an accident, one must take the time to grieve and honor the relationship you have. Pet parent support group is a healing way to honor your pet and to grieve in a supported environment.