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Karen E Anderson ATR-BC is a board certified art therapist and has been facilitating art therapy-based workshops since 2012.  Presently she gives monthly groups for self awareness, codependency and life’s challenges. Karen is a presenter at TAPS (Trauma Assistance Program for Survivors of the military) with Sharon Strouse, author of “Artful Grief “,  and offered a three day open art studio for self-esteem and body image at the first Curvy Girls Convention 2011 in Long Island for girls diagnosed with scoliosis. Karen also is a  certified Grief Counselor (American Institute of Health Care Professionals).

Most groups are 6-10 people depending on the theme. There is no right way to create in the studio, only your way, which allows you to express what you are feeling. No “artistic” talent needed, just the desire to heal.

Conscious of the importance of imagery in our everyday life, Karen uses her passion for art to help others overcome obstacles, find self-enrichment and inner reflection.

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