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Many leaders in the field of career counseling believe you must be happy at work or your dominant environment in order to find meaning and feel successful in life. For most of us, it’s our job, for others it maybe where they volunteer, go to school or spend the majority of their time.

Some of us are just beginning our career path. Some of us feel unfulfilled at our current job. Others are experiencing a life transition and find our priorities have shifted. Some have found that our needs have changed since our children have grown up and others have a desire to change entirely.

What personality and strength assessments provide in general?

  • Discovers and explains an individual’s unique construction as to their personal partialities.
  • Depending on the assessment it can be related to personality, needs, values, motivators, interests and environment.
  • Designate individual traits in their personality, styles of working and environments to thrive in.
  • Results are unbiased- no right or wrong, good or bad choices
  • Contributes to one’s self understanding
  • Most are instantaneous and user friendly
  • Many are bilingual or multilingual

What personality and strength assessments do not provide or reveal?

  • Personal problems or psychopathologies
  • Tell you what job to pursue, what to do or what major to take
  • Where to apply e.g. colleges, companies…

The Environment and Personality Intuitive Card Sort (EPICS) can help you to discover or rediscover areas of interest that have been forgotten, put aside for other priorities and have suddenly reappeared in your thoughts. EPICS can affirm intuitive feelings you have about yourself and your self expression. By understanding how you express yourself and the type of environment you are most comfortable in, can be used to look at new, fresh opportunities or changes. EPICS, used in conjunction with other assessments, can help in resume building, enhancing career qualifications or pointing you in the right direction for career and life satisfaction.

Discover where you thrive and why by taking EPICS online for $20

Group sessions are  90 min with up to 8 participants. Email me at for dates.

Follow up sessions are are available on a one-to-one basis by appointment. During this session, individuals will review their resume, go in depth with their personal results and  to begin to find his or her strengths, learn how to use them to their fullest potential as well as discover other skills, interests that can lead to a more meaningful and successful career/life.

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