What is Codependency anyway?

Are You a “rescuer”, the “dependable” one, “fixer”, “enabler” or always “giving” to others? If so, you likely suffer from Codependency and those near you suffer too.

Codependency is a relationship in which one person is controlled by another.  It often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others. It can occur in any type of relationship whether it be work, family, friendship, romantic and peer relationships.  Often the person controlling has a pathological condition such as alcohol or drug addiction and narcissism.

Codependency can be formed very early in childhood which makes it very easy to pass on to your own children. What happens in a codependent relationship is that a person gives control or importance to another by making the relationship work  more important  than themselves. It actually becomes a one-sided relationship because you are doing all the work and the other person is not.  

Typically, the codependent may be categorized by denial, excessive compliance, low self-esteem  and control patterns. Usually one person plays the distressed person and the codependent partner becomes the person who fixes everything and feels respected.  This  scenario is probably the most significance theme of  codependency and the sense a control.

Freedom from codependency means learning new ways to  find a solutions by taking  back your own power. It means understanding that you can only fix your own problems. It doesn’t mean you cannot support another person during their time of need. Being free from codependency means  letting the other person work towards their goals however they can.

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